Deck Webcam

I have a webcam on our deck pointed at Mt Hood.  It is an older Olympus DSLR camera along with a Kangaroo PC that captures images every 5 minutes, 24/7.  Below I’ll post some of the more interesting pictures that have been captured.  Eventually I want to have time-elapse movies for each day.  Stay tuned!

Occasionally, the camera will come out of focus due to environmental changes.  When this happens, I adjust the focus after I realize what’s happened.

Here’s a deck webcam view on a crystal clear day.

This is a video I manually made during a thunderstorm in 2017.

Here’s a nighttime view.  The camera exposure shifts to 60 seconds after dark.  The lights on the left of Mt Hood (east side) are from Mt Hood Meadows ski resort for night skiing.

Another nighttime image showing lenticular clouds to the east of Mt Hood.